Food Delivery Robots by Pudu Robotics Making Waves in Singapore

Teaming up with Audax, our esteemed regional distributor, has been crucial. At Pudu Robotics, our global reputation in creating commercial service robots positions us as the preferred choice for top-tier enterprises.

Food Delivery Robots

Our Clients

Our partnerships with Singapore industry giants like Haidilao, TimHoWan, Saizeriya and Pizza Hut have been game-changers. Through deploying our food delivery robots, these collaborations have reshaped the F&B sector, easing labour shortages and amplifying productivity for professionals in the field.

Food Delivery Robot Solutions:

Smart Catering

Now, let’s talk about our Food Delivery Robots Solutions, specifically our Smart Catering initiative. Picture specialised food delivery robots meticulously designed to transform and streamline catering operations. They not only increase efficiency, but also improve service quality, reduce wait times, and significantly increase customer satisfaction.

And amidst these extraordinary solutions stands the star performer, the PUDU Robotics CC1. This gem boasts advanced navigation and obstacle avoidance systems, ensuring flawless movement even within bustling restaurant and catering environments.

Food Delivery Robots


Our advancements in food delivery robots, particularly within the catering sector, reshape how efficiency is defined and how customers experience service. This represents a monumental shift in the F&B industry’s evolution, and being involved in this journey of innovation is truly a blessing.

For further enquiries about Pudu Robotics, feel free to send in your request to our local distributor Audax Robotics.